BORSEE Ballast B8 24V/35W

BORSEE Ballast B8




◆- Super performance
◆- Germany imported chip

◆- Xenon bulb with Philips technology

◆- Natural lighting combination, soft white, anti-glare

◆- A comprehensive settlement to avoid burning computer board, dashboard, lighting problem such as flashing, etc.

◆- suit for high-grade cars and trucks, Audi, Mercedes, BMW,GM BUICK, and other models

◆- Waterproof

◆- Shockproof

◆- Dustproof

◆- Anti-interference

◆- Open circuit protection

◆- Short circuit protection

◆- Plus & minus pole exchange protection

◆- Low voltage protection

◆- Over voltage protection

◆- Energy saving solution

◇- Input Voltage: 9~32
◇- Working Current: 1.8A
◇- Output Power: 35W
◇- Working Temperature: -40℃~+105℃
◇- Application Vehicle: 24V vehicle
◇- Connector: AMP connector
Packing Information: 50Pieces/Carton

Volume: 43cm*32cm*22cm /Carton

G.W.: 0.45kg/Piece; 22.50kg/Carton